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President and Chief executive office of the Nuclear Energy Institute

Mr. Marvin S FERTEL The President and Chief executive office of the Nuclear Energy Institute of the United States received on October 19th, 2014 the “Atoms for peace prize 2014” in Cancun (Mexico) awarded by World Council of Nuclear Workers and the International Institute for a Sustainable Peace (IISP), two international non-governmental organizations for his role in the development of the nuclear activities and its peaceful applications.
Mr. Marvin S. FERTEL declared “It is particularly humbly and important for me to be selected as the first representative to receive this award for United States.
There is the 60th century anniversary of the “Atoms for peace speech” in which U.S. President Dwight D. EISENHOWER delivered a strategic vision for the United States and for the World at the United Nation general assembly. It changed the way we see the potential of Nuclear Energy and also launched a new era of international cooperation and partnership in the uses of nuclear material and technology.
It was a great honor when Suzanne Eisenhower spoke at our NEI annual this year in remembering this important transition to the peace of use of many sources of power of energy.
The nuclear community is forceful commitment to safely provide nuclear electrical energy benefit to all mankind with no emission of greenhouse gas and air pollute, saving life by medicine diagnostic and treatment as well by providing agriculture food supply and industrial applications.
This safety commitment is demonstrated daily by the brothers and Sisters of IBEW in America and union workers around the world”

Even with the essential combination of benefits, WONUC fosters to continue proactively the improvement of know-how and leadership in order to expand the peaceful nuclear applications, nuclear technology and material for the development of countries worldwide.
Nuclear energy saves life and advances of quality life today and for the future generation.

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